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2028 XILION Rose Hotfix now 2038 XILION Rose Hotfix

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS again has the leading edge when it comes to product innovations. The well-known 2028 XILION Rose Flat Back Hotfix now comes in an unrivaled upgraded version: 2038 XILION Rose Hotfix.

2038 XILION Rose Hotfix - the refined Hotfix Style

Unique in the market
The innovative Flat Back features a new mirror made of real silver, which is unique in the market. This distinctive characteristic creates a warmer, brighter diamond-like appearance, which in turn enhances the large color assortment by giving it an intensified and even livelier look.
A distinctive product feature is the rose gold color on the reverse side of the crystal. This is a special identification mark of the art. 2038 XILION Rose Hotfix and serves to authenticate that this is a genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS product with a silver mirror.
The adjusted table size enhances the overall appearance of the Flat Back. You will benefit from the outstanding brilliance!
By introducing this complex new Flat Back Swarovski clearly differentiates from its competitors and strengthens its trusted position as the innovation leader.

Product Characteristics

Advantages of 2038 XILION Rose Hotfix
- Enhanced brilliance, warmer and intensified colors through unique new silver mirror (A HF) and optimized table size
- Easy identification of the lose component and proof of silver mirror application through rose gold color on the reverse side of the element
- The new art. 2038 Xilion Rose Hotfix is compliant with most relevant industry norms (e.g. CPSIA, Oekotex)
- Environmental sustainability
- Clearly differentiated cut compared to all competitor products on the market

Important ongoing features
- Copyright protected
- Familiar premium packaging
- Identical application possibilities to those offered by art. 2028 Hotfix (transfer application is guaranteed)
- Same price level as art. 2028 Hotfix
- Same assortment as art. 2028 Hotfix

Guaranteed distinctive features
- Perfect geometry and highest precision cut results in harmonious and brilliant designs
- Comprehensive variety of colors and effects
- Bi-annual launch of colors and effects in line with the latest fashion trends
- Lowest rejection rates in the industry
- Because of its timeless cut and shape, the art. 2038 XILION Rose Hotfix can be used in all segments